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  1. Post Cold Front Fishing Southern Michigan

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    Sitting here waiting for ice has been excruciating. I decided to piece together a video I did this fall with my buddy Kevin. We spent the 2nd half of our day fishing a lake I grew up on. Man that was pretty cool to see it again. I've been fishing for quite a few years now and it's crazy how...
  2. No idea this lake had such big walleye!

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    I had plans with a good friend to fish Lake Erie last weekend. Mother Nature had other ideas. 23 foot waves had us headed inland. We fished a lake in Coldwater Michigan. The challenge was to catch some bass and make the most of the day. We caught bass, but the big surprise was the walleye...
  3. Electronics that show you your lure and how Fish react to it

    I had the pleasure of fishing with a good friend of mine Brad Jones. He has this electronics called Livescope. Have you heard of it? You can cast your lure out and watch it come back to the boat. If there is a fish behind it, you can see how they are reacting to your bait. Pretty amazing...