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  1. Our (pathetic) catch...lol

    Oh my gosh were these fish tiny! Especially that one smallmouth that Mike is holding...That thing looked like it was on a starvation diet!!!! I shouldn't complain...at least we had fish to weigh in :-)
  2. Teasing Mike....

    Yeah...I was giving Mike grief at the weigh-in about how he DIDN'T come running to my aid when I had one whopper of a rockbass on the end of my line...lol I mean heck...that could have been a big bass!!!!! I sure was right there with the net when he had a fish on!!!! ;-) I'll let it slide this time.
  3. Signing Booyah Jr.'s hat at Raystown :-)

    Phew...thank god I drew his number in the raffle! lol
  4. Fishing with my Sister on Lake Erie

    Is there a better way to spend time with my sister? I don't think so! What a memorable day we had :-)
  5. My sisters FIRST Smallmouth!

    Oh my gosh...she was SO excited, and so was I!!!
  6. Lake Erie - A sunken boat gets towed in....

    Talk about scary....My gosh... I talked to these two men that were fishing from a dock, and they said they were waiting for their boat to get towed in because it sunk. At first, I thought they were kidding, but it turned out that they weren't. Those poor guys...
  7. The winning weight....well....almost :-(

    Long story.... Fished a local tourney with ???. Had what turned out to be winning weight.... We had a GREAT day on the water together, and I knew after our first 3 fish that we had a serious chance at winning this tourney, even if we were to only catch 2 more minimum length fish. We had our limit by
  8. Mark Tucker prefishing Lake Erie/Buffalo

    Mark and I spent a couple days together on the lake during his prefish. The lake itself was cooperative, but the fishing was really just so-so. A couple of nice fish caught here and there, but unfortunately, nothing consistant. It certainly was a new experience being out on Erie in a "Bassboa
  9. Lake Erie Goby

    Up close and personal....Here is the infamous Lake Erie Goby... Personally, I think they are really cute :-)
  10. Blair Wiggins - Host of "Addictive Fishing"

    I met Blair for the first time at the fishing industry show, ICast, in Las Vegas. He is the host of a saltwater fishing show called "Addictive Fishing". See...it just goes to show that us "Freshwater" people can hang with the "Saltwater" people...lol After all, fishing
  11. Niagara Falls...talk about breathtaking...

    For all of you who have never visited this wonder of the world...please make the time. The beauty of the falls is truly breathtaking. Not only that, but where else can you go in the world that can almost guarentee a rainbow, or two, or three everytme you visit?
  12. Me, Mark Tucker (Bassmaster Elite Pro) and Hanna

    Mark has become a real good friend of mine over the last couple of years. Finally, two of my favorite people got to meet and spend some time together in Buffalo, New York, when the Bassmaster Elite Tour was fishing Lake Erie.
  13. Hanna meets Mike Iaconelli for the first time :-)

    Was she excited to finally meet Mike? You betcha! Hanna (my daughter) came with me to the Mens Bassmaster Elite tourney (Empire Chase on Lake Erie) She volunteered with me in the weigh-in area, and got to meet all of her favorite fishing Pro's.
1-20 of 38 Results