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  1. New OGF Members
    Hello, My name is Drew Hurley. I am an avid angler from Delaware Ohio who is currently studying Civil Engineering at Ohio Northern University. I enjoy just about any kind of fishing there is, but in particular love fishing for big cats and fly fishing for trout. I will often kayak fish as well...
  2. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    We put together a little fishing vlog for our trip to the Mad on March 5th. Overall, great day! Caught 2 suckers, a bunch of creek chubs and 6 brown trout (used spinning gear). Let us know what you think :)
  3. Canoes & Kayaks
    The key was removing the old low dam. Soon the area will be navigable from Eastwood Lake through downtown and to the Carillon Brewery.(All old fashioned beer making - no electricity) and they will be creating a stretch of whitewater rapids too. More >...
  4. New OGF Members
    Hi, Im Patrick Please go and check out my youtube channel! I will be posting new videos every single week! Here are a few enjoy!
1-4 of 4 Results