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  1. For Sale Musky crankbaits

    OGF Marketplace
    Musky crankbaits that I don’t use anymore. Price is shipped to you. Message me for any questions.
    $75 USD
  2. Bass Discussions
    Hi. I would like to know what to best place to catch bass is that is near North Royalton. (30 minutes max). Also at that place what is the best lure/ bait. Thank you.
  3. Muskie & Pike Discussions
    this past year I finally got the big bass I was tying to find, for many years, after the fact I learned to fly fish. in the idea of trying to broaden my fishing capability's. I would love to get after a pike and or Muskie this spring . never tried for them before mainly because I live in the...
  4. OGF Marketplace
    Eleven brand new or slightly used lures for sale as follows: 1 Custom Bandit deep walleye - zip line 1 Custom Bandit deep walleye - antifreeze 1 Bandit deep walleye - grapefruit 1 Bandit shallow walleye - chrome blue back 1 Strikeking deep walleye elite banana shad - pink lemonade 1 WNC deep...
  5. New OGF Members
    Hey Guys! Excited to be a part of the community
  6. OGF Marketplace
    In the next few months I plan on letting go of my dads MASSIVE fishing collection. Unfortunately the days of enjoying Mogadore together has come to a slow halt. Over the years he has acquired a TON, literally, a ton of fishing items from poles to tackle and I will be looking to sell these...
  7. OGF Marketplace
    I have a large variety of fishing tackle, rods and reels, and other accessories. I can look in to shipping these items if necessary but I would prefer to do a face to face deal. I am located in Knox county but could possibly meet elsewhere. I will have another post soon with more items. The...
  8. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I’m hoping to give Mosquito a try tonight for Walleye. I have a boat that I will take out. I’m an amateur when it comes to Walleye on Mosquito. What setups would work best at night?
  9. Lake Erie General Discussions
    I haven't fished the western basin for spring walleye since the 80's. I was able to retire and purchased a boat to start fishing again. What techniques and lures are working now? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. Ohio Bait, Tackle, Taxidermy, etc. Marketplace
    Just bought a 93 Piece Bass Lure Set. When fishing with the kids one cannot have enough lures. If you have any other bulk lure deals please let me know. https://basstrapp.com/products/new-93-piece-mix-model-lure-set
  11. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hi everyone, I'm new here but this seems to be the kind of place for this question. In case you don't feel like reading a lot, my question is : Does anyone have tips to give about muskie fishing from the shorelines of Leesville lake (Spots, baits, best times to fish, etc.)? I have looked...
  12. OGF Marketplace
    I have 200+ crankbaits up for sale separated into lots. They are definitely priced to sell so I really don't want to separate Then. A lot of them have never touched water. Look at the pictures for pricing cash only please and I may be Willing to meet if traveling a good distance I live in...
  13. OGF Marketplace
    Having a garage sale Saturday April 1st at 5294 Oramand Rd, Dayton OH 45449 from 8am to 5pm. Will have lots of fishing lures and other fishing and hunting items for sale. Lures will range in price from $1 and up.
  14. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Recently, I've decided to try my hand at Saugeye fishing so rather than following my usual techniques...and hitting up my usual hot spots for other types of fish...I've begun asking various people I run in to out fishing for advice and tips. I've also spent a plethora of time meandering various...
  15. Your opinion please, good or bad?

    Lures that I'm playing around with to get rid of the winter blues.
  16. Cranky

    This, and many other fishing/hunting/outdoor related designs are available at www.cafepress.com/reelgifts
  17. Lures

    These are some of the lures I have done,its been a lot of fun and Ive got a lot of new ideas for some different lures
  18. 12" musky bait

    12" musky bait that I made. It is a thru wire. 2" thick at its widest point.
  19. 12" musky bait........... Char

    This is a 12" musky bait that I made. It is a Char. It is in the trout family. The bait is 2-1/2" thick at its widest point.
1-19 of 19 Results