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  1. Muskie & Pike Discussions
    My buddy lives in Detroit, I'm in Northeast Ohio, and we're looking to plan a 3-5 day trip this coming summer. Our criteria are: 1. Pike and/or musky present 2. Little fishing pressure (i.e., we'll catch something) 3. Not more than a days drive from MI & OH (and not in Canada) Interested to...
  2. Muskie & Pike Discussions
    this past year I finally got the big bass I was tying to find, for many years, after the fact I learned to fly fish. in the idea of trying to broaden my fishing capability's. I would love to get after a pike and or Muskie this spring . never tried for them before mainly because I live in the...
  3. New OGF Members
    Hey Guys! Excited to be a part of the community
1-3 of 3 Results