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  1. A fun trip!

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    April 18th. I picked up my grandson around 09:30. We headed off to my friend’s farm. He has 2 different ponds and one lake that have bluegills and bass. We decided to go to the larger pond since the ground was so wet. He has cattle in that part of his land. that made big hole in the mud ...
  2. 2 trips to 2 lakes

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    May 11th.Trip: I picked up my grandson around 09:00, then we headed to get his minnow trap. It was loaded with large creek chubs that we used for bait. We had our lines in the water around 10:30 at the lake. My grandson missed 2 small L.M.Bass in the thick moss! Then he landed his big L.M...
  3. My summary for 2018

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HEALTHY NEW YEAR! My fishing season started February 25th., and ended October 27th..I had hoped to get a lot of catfishing out of my boat on the Ohio River this season. The river was up & down with fast current all this year.<BR> My first trip in my boat did not happen...
  4. NKY. county lake action

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    August 3rd. I picked up my grandson at 09:20 and headed to a local lake. We got to the lake around 10:10, and my grandson caught a bluegill by 10:15. There was a nice cool breeze blowing on and off which helped beat the heat. 11:20 my grandson caught a small L.M.Bass. Then at 11:45 he...
  5. 1st trip of 2018

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Feb 27th. Joe took me to a private pond that he has access to fish. He got his line in the water at 1:15 p.m., I was trying out my wireless depth finder. For neither one of us had any idea of how deep or what structure of this pond. The water was muddy and a steady breeze was blowing all the...
  6. Fun at a small lake.

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    My grandson and I got to the lake at 10:00 yesterday morning. The bait for this trip was 2 containers of red worms. On his first cast of the day he hooked into an 18 inch channel cat! The second cast he landed a 7 inch L.M. Bass. Even before I got my line in the water head already caught 7 fish...
  7. 1st fish of 2016

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    March 11 th. I got a call from my grandson wanting to go fishing. We were both eager to go and wet a line at our favorite pond. Stopped at our local Mom & pop bait shop got some red & was worms for bluegills. We got to the pond at 13:30 had lines in the water by 13:40. A short time later my...