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  1. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    10-18: My friend and I got to the pond he has access to around 08:55. I caught my first fish a white crappie at 09:05; it was a surprise for me. 09:20 landed my first L.M. bass of the day. It measured out 13 inches and 1 pound. The bass hit a wax worm; I was getting bites from then on about...
  2. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    July 13th. I picked up my grandson at 6 p.m. to head to the lake. We got our lines in the water around 7 p.m. It was still near 90 degrees with NO breeze at all. I tried the Catawba Worms on both my catfish and bluegill rods to start the evening. I did not get any bluegill bites on anything...
  3. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Three fishing trips in 3 days wore me out. October 10th. I met my friend to fish at a private lake he has access for fishing. It was very foggy when we got our lines in the water at 08:50; we had a hard time seeing our bobbers. We started with night crawlers for bait then switched to...
1-3 of 3 Results