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  1. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    The last four nights have been a blast. Seems I’m the only one out at night. It’s a shame because many fish to go around.got these in 1 hour. 12:30am -1:30am. Big one close to my PB. All on jumbo minnows and tiny bluegill caught w cast net. Put back many paper thin 10”-12”. This rain should help...
  2. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Number 8 from the res. 26” Caught on live bluegill off bridge by Eddies. Ultra lite 8lb test. Was a real fun fight. Could’ve lost him at any second. 4:15 am. Catch and release starting with this one and from now on. I want to leave a couple for us to catch again!!! Bait and small crappie...
  3. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    Been after this lady for about five or six years. Caught many smaller ones but this one takes the cake. 36” Snook. Jupiter Fla. A lot of anglers down south call this the saltwater LMbass.
  4. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    It’s largemouth time.The bite started for me on memorial day. Three or four fish per hour nothing huge huge but a couple fives and a few fours nothing less than 3 pounders. All out of the same shaded hole on live shad caught w cast net. Ready and willing to share shad if interested.
  5. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Got me another. Caught by Eddies on live shad. 22in
  6. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    The bass massacre has come to an end. Due to lower numbers of shad hanging around the culvert.Decided to take some shad down to the spot where I have caught walleye before and low and behold 24in beauty
  7. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Usually salt fish. But found a spot on my local lake where the bait is running rampid. the water is so clear you can see the bass just smash the bait. Was using shiners my first day witnessing this and they wanted nothing to do with it. Went home had dinner came back with my salt gear. It has...
  8. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    10-13: 10:50 I picked up my grandson for a trip with the boat on the river. The reason for the late start was due to very cold morning. I did get some fresh creek chubs this time. WE got the boat in the river and headed down river at 11:20. There was already a very strong up river wind that...
  9. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    August 31st. I finally convinced my brother to try fishing in a local lake due to his health problem. I picked him up around 07:30 and headed for the lake which took some time to get there. We drove right up to the handicap dock and he was able to use his walker without any trouble to the dock...
1-9 of 9 Results