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  1. New line always tangles on me..

    Steelhead Talk
    Whenever I restring my fishing reels, the first couple times out are spent dealing with finicky line that bunches up or birdnests, but it eventually seems to straighten out. Anybody have tips on how to avoid this? I usually just use Berkeley trilene by the way...
  2. Fly line question

    Fish on the Fly
    I'm in the market for a new line for my 4 wt rod. Do any of you have experience with either Scientific Angler's SBT lines or RIO's Single-Handed-Spey lines? I'm looking for a line that will roll cast well. I've read good things about both lines but I have no personal experience with either. Thanks.
  3. The GAMMA booth at the Bassmaster Classic

    The GAMMA booth at the Bassmaster Classic