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  1. Lake Milton Bass Tournament

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    My buddy fished a bass tournament on Lake Milton and it went off without any issues. It was a solo tournament, and I think they had around 30 boats. Winners had a little over 12 lbs, and my buddy took 3rd with just under 10 lbs. He posted some pics if your interested in seeing them. One...
  2. Lake Milton 5-11-20

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I fished Lake Milton for the first time with my buddy Jim last Monday. We just got back in town after a 3 day trip that we fished Milton, Mosquito, and Erie. Probably some of the worst May weather I've experienced. We ran into a couple snow squalls on the way to Milton. It snowed, sleeted...
  3. Better Half Tour Spring Fling RESCHEDULED

    Tournament Discussion
    Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we have had to reschedule our Spring Fling on Lake Milton from May 9th to June 6th. Still at Lake Milton, still the Robinson Point Ramp (Jersey St.). I am very sorry - I realize this is in conflict with NOAA's Berlin tournament. Doing all we can to accommodate...
  4. Double E Bar/Bait Shop in Ravenna (remember it?)

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Just out of curiosity, I wonder if anyone remembers the Double E Bar in Ravenna? There was also the double e bait shop that I used to work for a few weeks in the summer. My grandma and grandpa owned them and I see so many people posting about Lake Milton, Berlin, West Branch, Etc that I...
  5. Mahoning River

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    The past couple of years I've read articles on people pulling nice walleyes out of the Mahoning River during the walleye spawn. I'm out of the Alliance area and once the walleye start their spawn in spring I am wondering which area is best. In between Berlin and Lake Milton (The Mahoning River)...
  6. Lake Milton/ West Branch - Tips for Central OHIO OGFEr

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I will be going up to the Lake Milton and West Branch area this weekend for easter to visit with the Ladies family. I am a big Musky fisherman here in Central Ohio and have been wanting to check out fishing these (2) lakes. I will NOT have access to a boat and will be fishing from shore. Down...