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  1. The Lounge
    me and my buddy are looking for some good fishing spots to go check out, preferably somewhere that has a low amount of people, planning on using kayaks...
  2. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    I'm planning on doing some early morning/nighttime kayaking and want to make sure I have the required lights. My kayak is outfitted with an anchor and trolley system. ODNR says an anchor light should be displayed at the anchor. Do you guys have any recommendations on anchor lights? It also...
  3. Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey guys I'm close to the portsmouth area and am looking for a quick spot to kayak and fish. I don't want a difficult place to get in and I don't usually have alot of time. I'm not asking fo honey holes I'm just newer to kayaking in the area and was lookingfor some spots. Thanks alot!
  4. kayaking rocky river

    kayaking rocky river on the prowl for a good steelhead spot
1-4 of 4 Results