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  1. Advice

    Canoes & Kayaks
    I have an Old Radisson lightweight 14' canoe that I have installed their aluminum and foam seats. I use it for fly fishing lakes and some camping. I am considering moving toward a kayak for a number of reasons: stability weight? mobility, transporting it on top of my lightweight truck slide...
  2. My biggest fish ever!

    Bass Discussions
    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Skip to 7:25 for the big bass. 0:45 for the Trout that might have SVD I just started fishing last year, I mostly catch Smallmouth...
  3. Recently new (again) to central Ohio, looking for some new wading spots and/or good kayak locations

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    As the title says, I have recently moved back to Columbus after 6 years. I still remember my old spots to a T but I'm looking for new spots that are a bit closer that I can hit on the fly ( I work on call and never know when I will have a chance to make it to the old spots). I currently am...
  4. Any advice to get us started at CC?

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hi folks. I’m new to the forum. I’ve fished a lot over my life, but it’s been hit and miss since I got married and had kids. Now that I’m newly retired, a friend and I are going to try to get out at least once a week – either LMR for smallies or CC for anything that will hit. For the...
  5. Central Ohio Kayak Bass League

    Tournament Discussion
    https://www.facebook.com/CentralOhioKBL/ Kayak only Bass Fishing League. Weekly pot tournaments starting the first Wednesday in May @ 5pm till Dusk. Location rotates between Griggs and Hoover Reservoir, starting at Griggs. Final event will be the last Wednesday in September. (22 events) Buy-in...
  6. Good Bass Spot for Kayak Fishing

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I live on the west side of cleveland (about 20 mins west) and was looking for some good places to kayak fish (i just got one a few weeks ago) for mainly largemouth, but wouldn't mind getting some SM or larger panfish. I have been to mogadore reservoir the past 2 weekends (friday morning then...

    Tournament Discussion
    Kayak Fishing Bass Tournament - July 22nd Fin Feather Fur is putting this on with 25% going to St. Jude. Lake Mifflin July 22 Sign up before July 21st at 8:o0 pm to get special discounts on kayaks and fishing gear. Top 5 anglers take home cash. Over $500 cash in bonus pay outs. $25 entry fee...
  8. Night Near Shore Walleye with a Kayak?

    Walleye & Saugeye Discussions
    I'm trying to take my kayak out near Cleveland off a break wall or out of one of the marinas/parks and catch a walleye, I hear they come near shore at night. Is that just in the spring or fall, or do I have a chance in summer too? Do they come in close enough where I could get one in a kayak?
  9. Good River Spots within an Hour of Parkersburg?

    Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I'm fishing a kayak fishing tournament this weekend and am trying to narrow down some spots for productive water. The rules are that it has to be moving water within a 60 mile radius of Parkersburg, WV. This opens up the Ohio River, the Hocking River, Kanawha River, Little Kanawha River, etc...
  10. Selling 2 WS Tarpon 120 Kayaks and trailer

    OGF Marketplace
    OGF, I am selling (2) 2013 Model Tarpon 120 Kayaks that have been used very lightly for $500 each or $600 each with a Stohlquist life jacket and Bending Branches Angler SS paddle. Each Kayak will come with 1 Ram Mounts rod holder that connects to the SlideTrax rail system on the Kayak. You...
  11. Kayak Fishing West Branch

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Do many people on here kayak fish at west branch? I know the size of the lake could make it difficult but is there an area where you could launch and have good access to some better parts of the lake, specifically on the no-wake side so that I don't get tossed around? I do have a lowrance fish...
  12. Easy place to kayak and fish

    Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey guys I'm close to the portsmouth area and am looking for a quick spot to kayak and fish. I don't want a difficult place to get in and I don't usually have alot of time. I'm not asking fo honey holes I'm just newer to kayaking in the area and was lookingfor some spots. Thanks alot!
  13. Recent kayak catches NE Ohio

    Canoes & Kayaks
    I've managed to get out on the kayak a couple times the past few weeks. Overall. been a lot of fun and a few fish here and there. I did full write ups on the blog but if you just want to see some photos; A 17" Rainbow from Wallace Lake in Berea. Got into a decent school of White Bass...
  14. Delaware, Alum or Hoover...What do you think

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    So I am going out Saturday and I am thinking on going to Alum North of 36 again. But was thinking about Delaware and Hoover. I have not been to Delaware at all so would not know where to go and Hoover been twice but that was in the summer time. What do you experience Central Ohio fisherman...