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  1. Outdoor Events & Seminars
    Not sure if this is related to the Saturday event at the Senior Citizen Center but the Boast show continues tomorrow http://wone.iheart.com/onair/outdoor-connection-418/indian-lake-boat-show-14453492/
  2. Saugeye Caught at Indian Lake

    Saugeye with the big size 13 next to them!!
  3. Saugeye Caught at Indian Lake

    Caught in late spring at Indian Lake '07 using various VIBE's from the shore casting and reeling them!!!!!
  4. Indian Lake Crappie

    A couple of nice crappie caught at Indian Lake: Left 12" Right 14 3/4"....Caught in the fall of '07 in the pads on tube jigs
1-5 of 5 Results