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  1. Hoover Docks

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    When are boat docks placed back into water at Hoover and Alum typically? Can't seem to find this on Google anywhere and I don't usually get out early in the season but this year I would like to as soon as possible. Also are any of the docks permanently in the water, I usually put in at Oxbow if...
  2. On the banks of Hoover...

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Long story, but can't take the boat out for my daughter's 8th birthday tomorrow. Probably less stressful anyway to take her fishing onshore. Anyone have any good accessible areas onshore in Hoover for crappie? Thanks, Mike.
  3. Galena Fishing Report

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Anybody catching white bass in galena yet ??? if so let me know
  4. First fisf of the year

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Pollbender i went to Hoover today with the fiance and had a Good beautiful day But only1 crappie hand size. Fished 10-20 feet ajusting periodically but couldny get anything to bute.. Water is muddy in red bank area still and twin bridges. Hope toy had better luck than me..!!!! I'm trying to put...
  5. Hoover 6/6/08

    Hoover 6/6/08

    20" channel caught on minnow and bobber
  6. Galena 5/10/08

    Galena 5/10/08

    14" white bass caught on a roadrunner jighead with 3" pink twister
  7. The batch 9/23/07

    The batch 9/23/07

    Caught a good number whities that day. Gulls were divin', shad were popin... I was done in about two hours. Couldn't take much more.
  8. Softshell Turtle

    Softshell Turtle

    Hoover of course
  9. Columbusslim31 and the 22 incher

    Columbusslim31 and the 22 incher

    Caught at Hoover
  10. Crappie


    Caught at Hoover in Galena
  11. 22" Cat

    22" Cat

    Caught at Hoover