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  1. Bass Discussions
    Okay, so I'm at a farm pond catching spring bluegills, when I see the biggest largemouth I've ever seen in my entire life cruising the shallows. I threw my live worm at her...no go. I tied on my trusty floating Rapala and tossed that...not interested. Then a rubber worm...forget it. So I gave up...
  2. Capturing Your Special Fish In a Large Print

    I'm Steven Russell Smith and I help fishermen preserve the memory of their special fish in large, artistic prints. The sky is the limit as far as what I can create concerning artistic backgrounds. I can professionally photograph your fish for you, or use your own pic and flawlessly layer it into...
  3. Walleye on a Fisherman's Line.jpg

    A 9 lb. Lake Erie walleye that I caught a few year back while bouncing a Fin-S-Fish along the bottom while drifting. I recently created an underwater scene for it using digital art and photography techniques which I then layered the fish into. Now it's ready to be made into a large print!
  4. "Hooked" 10-16-08

    Hooked trying to land a saugeye. Cut hook and pushed through
1-4 of 4 Results