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  1. Anyone getting smallmouth in the streams?

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    My buddy and I are striking out recently chasing smallmouth on LMR and GMR. Yeah, we might get one or two fish but we're pretty much coming up empty. We've fished all the good-looking places... current breaks, eddies, structure in moving water. We've tried slow-moving pools. We've thrown...
  2. Jon Boat Size for GMR

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello all, I'm looking to fish the GMR more this year, specifically around Sidney/Piqua areas. I already have a kayak, but I am wanting to purchase a jon boat so I can take another person with me. I was looking into the Tracker 1542 model for stability reasons (I like to stand in fish). My...
  3. GMR Saugeye 24.75"

    GMR Saugeye 24.75"

    PB Saugeye at 24.75". GMR 12-19-08.
  4. GMR 29" Pike

    GMR 29" Pike

    29" Pike caught GMR 11-28-08 on Rapala husky jerk.
  5. GMR Pike 10-2-2008

    GMR Pike 10-2-2008

  6. GMR Pike - Small

    GMR Pike - Small

    Another small pike caught 9-20-08 on GMR
  7. GMR 23.5" Saugeye

    GMR 23.5" Saugeye

    Caught on GMR 9-18-08
  8. GMR 27" Pike

    GMR 27" Pike

    Caught on GMR 9-18-08
  9. GMR LM 9-14

    GMR LM 9-14

    Caught when hurricane Ike was blowing through Ohio
  10. GMR Cat 9-14

    GMR Cat 9-14

    Caught when hurricane Ike was blowing through Ohio 9-14
  11. GMR LM

    GMR LM

  12. GMR Saugeye 8-19-08

    GMR Saugeye 8-19-08

    20" Saugeye caught 8-19-08 on GMR
  13. GMR Pike 8-9

    GMR Pike 8-9

    Small pike caught on Rapala husky jerk.
  14. GMR Channel Cat

    GMR Channel Cat

    Caught while smallmouth fishing GMR on a crankbait.
  15. PB 24.5" Saugeye

    PB 24.5" Saugeye

    Caught on GMR 7-16-08 using Rapala Husky Jerk.
  16. GMR 18" LM

    GMR 18" LM

    Caught 6-25-08 on GMR
  17. PB 19" Smallmouth GMR 6-17

    PB 19" Smallmouth GMR 6-17

    Currently my personal best smallmouth caught on GMR 6-17. Caught on Bomber 4F.
  18. 19" Smallmouth 6-17

    19" Smallmouth 6-17

    Second of 2 real nice smallmouth caught on GMR 6-17
  19. GMR 18" SM 6-17

    GMR 18" SM 6-17

    First of 2 nice smallmouths caught within 15 minutes of each other. Caught on Bomber 4F.
  20. 18" Smallmouth 6-17

    18" Smallmouth 6-17

    Caught on Bomber 4F on GMR. Took this shot to show size.