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gizzard shad

  1. Lots of effort; little reward

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Three trips ONE BITE, one catfish. September 28th. I finally got out in my boat and launch from Schmidt’s ramp. I had the boat in the water by 08:30. I tried 4 different spots had only one bite at the second spot. A small flat head catfish 23 inches and 5pounds swallowed a chunk of thawed...
  2. At least 1 catfish this trip

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    September 18th. I picked up my brother from the nursing home around 08:00 to head for the Ohio River. We got our lines in the river around 08:50. The river was clear with a slow current, and a slight ripple on the water. At 08:55 I got a slight tap on one of my rods that was baited with a...
  3. Broken record, Skunked again!

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    August 25th. Update I left the house around 07:30 heading to the West side of Cincinnati with my boat. I had been eager to go back to the spot where the guide had taken us on the 13th. I got the boat down the steep ramp at the marina found the water was very shallow, so I was very careful...
  4. One good bite, lots of taps.

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    November 1st. I picked up my grandson at 12 noon, headed for the ramp. I netted 3 Gizzard Shad before we got the boat in the river. There was some up river wind but had some current this time. I took the boat to our first spot, 4 rods in the water at 12:15. The current helped hold the boat...
  5. A good boat trip

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I had a good trip on the river today. Boated 3 bluecats, 4 ¾ , 5 ½, and the big guy 17 ½ pounds. I had fresh shad and frozen skipjacks cut bait. They only produced 2 gar runs on the shad and 1 hard bite on a suspend rod. ALL the fish I caught were on seasoned chicken breast. 1 on...
  6. Skipjacks just were NOT there!

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    February 2nd. Well I tried to catch some skipjacks for catfish bait this morning. After one hour’s drive I got to the place and had it all to myself. The weather was o.k. but the cool wind as stronger than I expected. I did cast my arm off for an hour, trying different jigs to catch the...