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  1. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    August 29th. I left the house around 07:25 to go get my minnow trap. I was disappointed that there were only 7 creek chubs in the trap. Then I was off to the ramp at the Cincinnati Public Landing; to launch my boat. There was an up river wind that made launching my boat harder than normal...
  2. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    September 11, 2017 I picked up my brother for some catfishing on the river at around 08:00. We got our lines in the river at 08,45 there was a cool wind and hazy sunshine. 09:05 I got a tap on shad oil soaked chicken breast, 0915 another tap same bait. 09:30 my brother hooked a small channel...
  3. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    I wanted to start this thread to get some input from more experienced anglers, as I really just started getting into this great sport a couple years ago. While my buddy and I have caught a few gar in the past year since we discovered them, we are far from proficient at hooking them...
1-3 of 3 Results