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  1. Sevierville TN area

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    Hey guys, staying in the Sevierville TN area this week. Some members of our group were hoping to find a spot they could do some wading and fly fishing. Any suggestions on a place with relatively easy access to wade and fish is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Line weight when swinging for steelhead

    Fish on the Fly
    So here is my set up from reel to tip: Backer Slick Shooter mono SA floating compact skagit head 4 inch 25lb mono to effect a double loop connection MOW sinking tip LOOPED HERE IS MY ISSUE 16 inch to 24 inch 12 lb mono leader ( one loop other end tied with a slat water loop to fly) I keep...
  3. Fly line question

    Fish on the Fly
    I'm in the market for a new line for my 4 wt rod. Do any of you have experience with either Scientific Angler's SBT lines or RIO's Single-Handed-Spey lines? I'm looking for a line that will roll cast well. I've read good things about both lines but I have no personal experience with either. Thanks.
  4. Fly fishing?

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Does anyone know where I could purchase Fly gear (reels,line,flies) in the Canton area?
  5. Skipjack on the fly

    Skipjack on the fly

    My first skip on the fly. Licking River, KY (50+ miles upstream from the confluence with the Ohio River).
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    I'm so fly

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    Fly Girl

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