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  1. New Guy

    New OGF Members
    I am a fly angler looking for some larger game. Northern Pike and Musky have got my attention. That being said, Am I allowed to fish in Michigan or will I return to a vandalized truck. Can anyone clarify what the Ohio / Michigan relationships is with boating and fishing?
  2. Scioto River (northern pike)

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey all you fishy folks! Longtime reader, first time posting.. Let me start this off by saying that I grew up about a mile from the Scioto and have been fishing the watershed for almost 25 years now. I cut my teeth here and moved on to spend some years working as a fly fishing guide out west...
  3. Places to wade fish in southern Ohio?

    Bass Discussions
    looking for places to wade for Smallmouth and Largemouth bass near the Lucasville, Ohio area. I was thinking Scioto Brush Creek but not sure if most of it is too deep to wade, and if not what streams should I be looking into?
  4. Fly Rods. Switch rod 7wt, 8wt, and 4wt.

    OGF Marketplace
    Cleaning out my fly rod collection. 1. Redington Dually 11ft 3in. 7wt. I purchased used and I used it once. I wanted to use it euro style but it didn’t work out for me. It’s in great shape part of me wants to keep it and learn to swing it but not enough time this year. Sold 2. St. Croix...
  5. Redington Palix Wading Boots Sz 9 - $65

    OGF Marketplace
    Selling new in box Redington Palix Wading Boots in Bark brown color. Size 9 mens. Retail for around $99 - selling for $65. Located in Cincinnati / Oakley / Hyde Park area
  6. New to ohio.

    Fish on the Fly
    I am new to Ohio and looking for some good creeks and streams to fly fish for smallmouth in southern Ohio. Closest lake to me is lake vesuvius. Any places you suggest?
  7. Lake Erie white bass

    Fish on the Fly
    Been getting into some massive schools of white bass from the shores of the lake around Cleveland, with some young walleye here n there. Throwing size 8-12 flashy minnow patterns. Would highly recommend finding a light that's on all night and checking it out after dark, it's nonstop action...
  8. Fly fishing?

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Does anyone know where I could purchase Fly gear (reels,line,flies) in the Canton area?
  9. Fly rod/Dow lake- Bluegill

    Fly rod/Dow lake- Bluegill

    Took the fly rod out to get some casts in. Caught this fella on a dry fly.
  10. St Croix Avid Fly Rod

    OGF Marketplace
    Selling a St. Croix AVID fly rod Model A967.4 it's a 4 piece rod. Rod has only been used 1 time is in brand new condition. Case still has tags Retails for over 300 selling for $180 also have a Redington reel that I will include. Call or Text Fred 440-413-4564 located in lake county 44060.
  11. Sage One 4pc 5wt rod

    OGF Marketplace
    I'd like to sell my very lightly used Sage One 4 pc 5 wt rod. I haven't been using it much as I have a few other rods. Its in great shape. It comes with the original tube and sock. Its about 3 years old. $375 In Sunbury north of Columbus
  12. Courtland Procast 9/10 wt fly reel

    OGF Marketplace
    New Courtland Procast 9/10 wt fly reel with 20# backing and a spare spool. Asking $60 for the reel and spare spool. Valued at over $110 with line and spare spool. I am located in Strongsville, OH cash offers only.
  13. New to steelhead fishing

    Steelhead Talk
    I live in Massillon and want to get into some steelhead fishing. I'm going to start with spinning gear, but want to get into flyfishing for them and have done some flyfishing for panfish, but not much. I have a few questions if anybody can answer them. For a spinning outfit, what pound test and...
  14. Fly Fishing Around Kent

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey everyone, I've been fly fishing smaller ponds around summit and portage but i was wondering if anyone had any places to go for a fly fishermen to get some nice bass, crappie, pike, or carp. I want to try the Cuyahoga but idk where to go. Also want to try Mogadore but haven't seen much about...
  15. West Branch Drift Boat Fishing

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I was at West Branch state park doing a little grocery shopping in the woods and saw a couple of guys put a drift boat in this afternoon. They were a long way from where I was but it looked like they were unloading fly gear. Being a fly fisherman, I'm curious if it was anyone on here and what...
  16. Sold -- Lot of Fly Fishing Gear

    OGF Marketplace
    Sold -- Lot of Fly Fishing Gear - $120 You can see pictures in my Craigslist ad at http://columbus.craigslist.org/spo/5534628715.html 5 Reels 1. Bronson Royalist 370 2. Bronson Royalist 370 3. Pflueger Medalist 4. Martin Model 61 5. Martin Model 61 The Bronson Royalists are identical reels...
  17. Film trailer for "Chrome"

    Steelhead Talk
    Check out the trailer for the film, "Chrome," an official selection for the Fly Fishing Film Tour 2016. Spoiler alert, there's a conservation message in it.
  18. spey casting setup for sale

    OGF Marketplace
    Greys GRX 1+ paired with a reddington purist 7/8 large arbor spooled with rio skagit I flight shooting head, 250$ obo pick up in or near port clinton
  19. Fly Fishing Across Ohio and the U.S for Trout

    New OGF Members
    Hi, Im Patrick Please go and check out my youtube channel! I will be posting new videos every single week! Here are a few enjoy!