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  1. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I have never heard of a flathead lake near this area and I was wondering what the closest lake would be. The closest I have been able to find so far was mosquito lake.
  2. Catfish Discussion
    I’ve fished for cats a lot over the years in the Delaware/morrow county area but only ever got channels trying to get into flatheads and wondering if anyone has ever had success in these bodies of water? I know Hoover the scioto and knox lake are known for them in the general area as well.
  3. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Nov.20th. I got a call from a friend asking me if I wanted to fish with him in a local catfish tournament. My answer was a quick YES, so this is going to be my last trip the river for the year. Nov.22nd I left my home around 06:50 and meet my friend Curtis around 07:50 at the ramp. We got...
  4. OGF Marketplace
    I am selling two different heavy duty combinations for catfish, sturgeon, most anything you will encounter in freshwater or saltwater including the megaladon, mosasaurus or one of the legendary Volkswagen or school bus sized catfish below the dams that your buddies, cousins, sisters, brothers...
  5. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    August 13 th. Since my brother had not caught a fish and his health is a problem, he decided to hire a guide for a trip. We meet the guide at 06:00 in the morning with his and my help my brother was able to get into the boat. The guide provided the bait and my rods. My brother insisted on...
  6. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    I'm trying to figure out the best way to fish a gravel pit I have permission to fish. It's just a huge rectangle.. 40-50 ft deep. Not much cover around the lake. Wanting to catch some big Blues or Flatheads. Any help is appreciated!
  7. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I just finished up a brief overview of this past year's catfishing experiences. Here is a summary of MY 2016 catfishing season. The first time out was May 27th, the last trip was November 18th. I went on 25 combined bank and boat trips. I had a grand total of 14 catfish and my grandson boated...
  8. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Oct 10th. I got started late for today’s fishing. I netted a decent size gizzard shad at the ramp before I launched my boat. Morning was sunny, cool with a down river breeze. I headed up river to a deep section at 0915. I had my 3 rods in the water at 09:45.and finally had some current in...
  9. The Lounge
    What are the two round yellow nodes located inside the mouth of a Flathead? I have never noticed them before.
  10. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey guys heres another video on the best bait for catfish, check out my youtube fishing channel if you haven't yet. Best bait: Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmddnnwcQnrTFWeQPJf9D8Q
  11. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    32lb Flathead: Subscribe and like for more catfish action!
  12. Flathead

    27 Inch Flathead Catfish Independence Dam June 29, 2007
  13. Flathead

    27 Inch Flathead, Independence Dam June 29, 2007
  14. Personal best flathead

    50-lb flathead, caught on cut shad.
  15. River Flathead

    40-lb river flathead
1-16 of 16 Results