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  1. Catfish Discussion
    New to the forum but have been a long time follower. Looking for any tips or tricks y'all have for trying to catch flatheads on the Maumee river.
  2. The Lounge
    I love fishing but I want to get better at it and catch more fish consistently. Any tips for from shore for really any species would be appreciated
  3. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Buddy and I have been planning a weekend to head up to Milton and stay on the boat all night and day and really work the Lake/Mahoning and find some cats. Hoping to come across some nice channels and maybe even flathead if we’re lucky. Just curious is anyone has any good fish stories or any good...
  4. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    August 5th. I picked up my brother at 07:45 for a bank catfishing trip to the Ohio River. It was a perfect day for fishing bright sun but mild temperature. The river was still muddy with slow current. We got 5 rod in the water by 08:45.with all kinds of bait: such as fresh skipjack, shad...
1-4 of 4 Results