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  1. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Constant action was the theme of the day! Started and fished north & west of Lorain from 34' to 52', from condos & ending past dump. Jeff my Michigan buddy said after the first hour of cranking in (50) shorts for 1 keeper, can we find somewhere with less walleye? So we pulled up and move out...
  2. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Well were going to do the Detroit River this weekend but the reports of mud and cold weather were horrific with the MWC tournament weight-in for Saturday's leader only catching 1 walleye (11 lb) and half of the pros getting skunked Saturday, on river at Trenton Michigan. So instead we decided...
  3. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Fished for walleye from 9 to 3 Sunday out of Mazurik and went 6 for 8 pull-backs, finally modest success! Started in South Passage Channel were we found some clean / green water (+3-1/2' visibility well below bottom of prop). Noticed, good marks in 27' of water just 1 mile NE of Mazurik Boat...
1-3 of 3 Results