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  1. Lorain Monday 6-19, can we find somewhere with less walleye?

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Constant action was the theme of the day! Started and fished north & west of Lorain from 34' to 52', from condos & ending past dump. Jeff my Michigan buddy said after the first hour of cranking in (50) shorts for 1 keeper, can we find somewhere with less walleye? So we pulled up and move out...
  2. Kellys Island 4/8 & 4/9

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Well were going to do the Detroit River this weekend but the reports of mud and cold weather were horrific with the MWC tournament weight-in for Saturday's leader only catching 1 walleye (11 lb) and half of the pros getting skunked Saturday, on river at Trenton Michigan. So instead we decided...
  3. Mazurik 4/2/17

    Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Fished for walleye from 9 to 3 Sunday out of Mazurik and went 6 for 8 pull-backs, finally modest success! Started in South Passage Channel were we found some clean / green water (+3-1/2' visibility well below bottom of prop). Noticed, good marks in 27' of water just 1 mile NE of Mazurik Boat...