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  1. For Sale Muskie lures

    OGF Marketplace
    Most are new and others has only seen water once or twice. Make reasonable offer. More to come. Ice fishing, smaller 4 wheeler, rods, steelhead jigs, fly equipment, bass and muskie lures.
    $20 USD
  2. OGF Marketplace
    20lb.bassclub SPRING FISHING TACKLE SALE... Northwest Stark Senior Center...Canal Fulton, Ohio February 29th 9am~6pm... Tons of lures, rods, reels, storage bins, terminal tackle as well as collectables...See flyer below
  3. The Lounge
    In order from most thrown to least. 1. Spybait 2. Ned Rig/Wacky Rig 3. Runcl popping frog 4. Square Bill 5. Deep diving crank (20ft) 6. Shakey head 7. Spoons 8. Buzzbait 9. Spinner bait Number 1 to 5 probably 90% of the time. What's your thrown list?;)
1-3 of 3 Results