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  1. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    TO BETTER SERVE OUR CUSTOMERS WE NOW SELL FISHING / HUNTING LICENSE! ALSO CHECK OUT THE HUGE ADDITIONS TO OUR STOCK. WE HAVE A LOT OF NEW BAITS / Equip. IN! We are at SR 44 / 422 in Auburn (Chagrin Falls) right by LaDue Res. 11799 Washington St Chagrin Falls OH 44023
  2. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Today my brother and I went to our local bait shop and got our 2018 license before the price increase. Then we went to scout out a county lake to check out the shore line. Since he has trouble walking the bank can NOT be steep at all. The roads around the lake were closed but did look over...
  3. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I just found out you can buy your 2018 license NOW before the price increase takes effect March 1 st. I am getting mine at Latonia bait shop on Monday. pass this on or share to any of your fishing groups The following is the information we just received from Kentucky fish and wildlife. And we...
  4. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    October 6th my wife & I headed up to Galloplis Ohio for I wanted to do some catfishing. I had hoped to have better luck there since commercial fishermen are not on that section of the Ohio River. I was meeting a catfisherman from that area that had a seat in his boat. We arrived at the city...
  5. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Since the Ohio River is messed up due to high water I did a few things to be ready for when I can wet a line. I purchased my Ky. Fishing license at Latonia Bait Shop. I go there for they have the best live bait for fishing with my grandson for bluegills. They have a wide selection of fishing...
  6. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I just got back home this past Tuesday night. Yesterday I went and got Ky. license so I can o fish the Ohio River when ever it get down. The way things look it is heading back up the mid to upper 30 feet range. As beat I can tell that means 10 days to 2 weeks before it will get down to fish able...
  7. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    The Kentucky fishing season officially starts March 1st. I am sure everyone is very eager to wet a line. If possible support your local family run bait shops, get your license THERE. Remember senior folks get a big discount on their fishing license. Tight lines all season long.
1-7 of 7 Results