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  1. OGF Marketplace
    I have a few rods for sale. 13 Fishing Omen Black Gen 3 7’1” MH XF Falcon Jason Christie 6’8” MH MF - $60 Falcon Jason Christie 7’ MH MF - $60 Falcon Jason Christie 7’ M MF Spinning - $60 Omen Gen 3 is brand new, handle is plastic wrapped still and I have the tags. Falcons have some epoxy...
  2. Tackle Talk
    I hate to rain on everyone's Ice parade, but I can't wait for the ice to thaw again and I can hit them pre-spawn Crappies up! Since there's not much else to talk about besides gear for folks like me, anybody want to weight in about fishing gear? i.e. fishing poles and reels I realize that a...
1-2 of 2 Results