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drift fishing

  1. Another strange trip

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    July 26th. I picked up my grandson for a catfishing trip in my boat at 08:00. We got the boat in the river 08:45, but I noticed water coming in the back of the boat! So I had to get the boat back on to the trailer as quickly as possible before the water shorted out the batteries. We got the boat...
  2. Drift fishing lesson

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Well I have been catfishing twice in the past week. Here is the report of July 5th. when my grandson and I were invited to learn about drift fishing from my friend Mark. July 5th. Met Mark at 06:00 then we all headed for a local lake for a drift fishing lesson. Around 06:40 we had the boat on...
  3. A good boat trip

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I had a good trip on the river today. Boated 3 bluecats, 4 ¾ , 5 ½, and the big guy 17 ½ pounds. I had fresh shad and frozen skipjacks cut bait. They only produced 2 gar runs on the shad and 1 hard bite on a suspend rod. ALL the fish I caught were on seasoned chicken breast. 1 on...
  4. Finally boated some catfish!

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I had a good day at last on the river. Trip started out well with netting 3 small shad and 1 8 inch Skipjack for fresh bait. I had a number of bites which was different from my last 4 trips. I did try drift fishing, but no bites. I finally boated, 2 channel cats, one 3 pounds 3 ounces, the...