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  1. OGF Marketplace
    Dipsy trolling package used 3 times. Rods are Diawa Wilderness DR802 MHR, 8' med/heavy 12-30lb. Reals are Diawa Accudepth Plus 27 LC spooled with backing and power pro braided line. 4 rods, reels and I'll even throw in big dipsy's & snubbers. $300 text, call or email please 440-319-9034...
  2. Lake Erie Fishing Reports
    Left the ramp near daylight - went out to about 74 fow. Overcast, winds W/SW, waves 2-3'. 120' of 30 lb. braid, 4.125" dipsy (with o-ring), should have been around 50' deep. Snubbers and 20 lb. fluoro to spoons. Fish / bait near 60'. Caught fish going E/NE and W/SW... 2-1 on the green / copper...
  3. Tackle Talk
    I'm trying to figure out how much line to let out for dipsy's. I tried using their charts for 'Size 1 w/O-ring'... but I don't think it was anywhere near the depth I was targeting. I have 35# braid. Running spoons / shallow stick baits. We had 3 dipsy's out with settings of 1, 2, 3. Line...
1-3 of 3 Results