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  1. Public land questions

    The Lodge
    I’ve been hunting public in my neck of the woods this last year and half, and I have noticed as I scouted for turkeys that I’m finding MANY stands still up from deer season, isn’t it required they take them down after the season? Should I call odnr? And what if I find what looks like abandon...
  2. 300 win mag

    OGF Marketplace
    I have a Thomson compass 300 win mag 5r rifling. With a vortex Diamondbacks tactical 4×12 Christmas tree radical scope. A lantac muzzlebrake bipod drilled in adjustable cheek rise and 5 boxes out shells.3 boxes are hornady and two are Winchester.. all new would cost over 1300 I will take 750.obo...
  3. Two SA Sports 175 lbs draw crossbows, New!

    OGF Marketplace
    Bought these two crossbows for my grandchildren, but now they have decided they find deer hunting to boring. Both come complete with scopes,quivers,cocking ropes,bolts, target tips. 175 lbs draws with recurve limbs.LIght compact design. My loss your gain. $80 apiece or $150 for both. Will also...
  4. Deer Calling Tactics you can WATCH work!

    Bucks and Does
    We have watched a lot of videos on deer calling, and we would get frustrated by hearing things like "Imagine This Scenario" or "Do this when X is happening" but it has nothing but a talking head describing situations hypothetically. Some of the info is actionable, but many times it is missing...
  5. Quality of Rhino blinds?

    The Lodge
    Can I have some pro's and con's on the /any Rhino blinds? Wanting to make a purchase soon.
  6. Video of rut action

    I forgot to post this footage on here. Thought you guys would enjoy it. I have only been bowhunting for 6 years and this is by far the best action I have ever seen. I was hunting public land in Richland county that is only accessed through private land. I have permission to walk through...
  7. West Branch Deer Hunting

    Bucks and Does
    Does anyone hunt west branch during either archery or gun season? I live in Brimfield now but I grew up in and mostly hunt public land in PA. I’m looking to find somewhere closer to home I can hunt during the week or on sundays (can’t do it in PA). Not necessarily looking for specific spots...