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  1. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    May 15th. I checked out Schmidt’s ramp again. The small dock is in again. The big dock will NOT be put in until the river gets around pool stage for a week. That is what the guy who takes care of the ramp told me. The Ohio River will be up around 35 feet this Friday and Saturday here at...
  2. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    June 21st. My granddaughter and I left the house at 07:45for a catfishing trip in my boat. I had to stop for some gas for the boat motor to be sure we had enough for cover a lot of the river. I drove to the Schmidt’s field ramp; it was closed for a construction project. So I decided we would...
  3. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    The Ohio River was in great shape for fishing the other day so I call my brother to go do some bank fishing for catfish. My brother and I tried to do some catfishing this morning. When we turned off the road and I saw the river I could not believe my eyes. It was muddy, very high and fast...
1-3 of 3 Results