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  1. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Has anyone ever had any luck fishing a creek for smallmouth? Ive been thinking of targeting a few creeks this spring for some smallmouth but not sure if they even hold them. Im thinking about the little cuyahoga by cascade in Akron, furnace run by szalays in Boston heights and mud brook behind...
  2. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Finally, the Darb' is back down to a reasonable level and my summer can commence! Had a decent evening at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park for the first time this season. The gauge at Darbyville was around 2.89 when I left for the creek. This was the first time it had been substantially below 3...
  3. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey Friends! As part two to my Deer Creek video, I wanted to make one highlighting my method for cleaning/cooking Saugeye! Would love to hear your tips/recipes :) **Please let me know if this is the incorrect forum, I am not intending to break any forum guidelines. Happy to move this post!**
  4. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey guys! Back at it again with another one. Met up with my father-in-law Tom Kirker over at Deer Creek Spillway. They released a bunch of water in the afternoon which churned the waters and shut down the bite pretty hard. We ended up catching 3 Saugeye. We saw several other fishermen slaying...
  5. The Lounge
    In a span of 5 days or so, we went from snow and temperatures in the single digits at night... to rain and 60 degrees! This made for some crazy flooding... I had to go check out where I normally catch my minnows and creek chubs... It looked nothing like it normally does... as you will see! I...
  6. PB smallie

    Personal best smallie outta my favorite creek. Caught on a white strike king rocket shad spinner.
  7. More Slabs! Deer Creek

    Slabs from Deer Creek
  8. Slabs, not one under 10" 4-24-08 Deer Creek

    Crappies, slabs, Deer Creek, '08
  9. Kiss My Bass

    Nice Sized Creek Smallmouth
  10. Nice Smallie

    Smallie from the creek
  11. Slab crappie from the creek

    White Crappie from the creek
  12. Saugeyes for sore eyes

    First catch of '07, Good Day, avg. 15in.
  13. White Bass 06, Deer Creek

    Mine and a friend's 2hr. Catch at Deer Creek one evening in '06.
  14. I Caught a WHALE!

    Lure almost as big as the fish, LOL
  15. 9" Rock Bass, Big as my hand

    Rock Bass as big as my hand
  16. 10/12/07 Alum Creek

    Smallmouth caught with a friggin rooster tail!
  17. Tracie with 3 lb carp

    Deer Creek spillway. June 9th, 2007. 8:00ish. 3lb 21" Caught on doughball.
1-20 of 26 Results