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creek chubs

  1. 2 bites that was it

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    July 14th. I left my house around 06:00, stopped off to pick up my minnow trap. It contained more than a dozen nice size creek chubs. Next I had to fill up the gas tank for the motor. I got my boat on Ohio River at 07:05. I headed straight down river to a spot that I was told held lots of...
  2. Not skunked this time!

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    August 29th. I left the house around 07:25 to go get my minnow trap. I was disappointed that there were only 7 creek chubs in the trap. Then I was off to the ramp at the Cincinnati Public Landing; to launch my boat. There was an up river wind that made launching my boat harder than normal...
  3. No catfish but some action.

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    July 24th. I picked up my grandson at 09:45 go fishing. We stopped at our mom & pop bait store for some red worms. My grandson had his line in the water around 11:00. I was busy checking out the lake with my portable depth finder. I was surprised that it showed only 14 ft deep at the...
  4. NKY lake evening fishing

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    July 13th. I picked up my grandson at 6 p.m. to head to the lake. We got our lines in the water around 7 p.m. It was still near 90 degrees with NO breeze at all. I tried the Catawba Worms on both my catfish and bluegill rods to start the evening. I did not get any bluegill bites on anything...
  5. 2 trips to 2 lakes

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    May 11th.Trip: I picked up my grandson around 09:00, then we headed to get his minnow trap. It was loaded with large creek chubs that we used for bait. We had our lines in the water around 10:30 at the lake. My grandson missed 2 small L.M.Bass in the thick moss! Then he landed his big L.M...
  6. Replace damage prop

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    With the temperatures warming up I am finally able to work on my boat. I damaged my prop last season so I had to replace the prop. Thank You Tube for I did find a video that show me exactly what I needed to do to replace the prop. I did have a little help from my friend to get the old prop...
  7. Tried small local lake in NKY.

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    September 15th I got access to one of our cars so decided to go fishing a small local lake. It was sunny and warm with a slight breeze when I first got to the lake. 13:30 I got my lines in the water. I had a bobber rig for catfish and a small rod for bluegills. I was casting the bobber rig...
  8. River being messed up again.

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Well with all the heavy rains along the Ohio Valley the Ohio River will be unfishable for at least the next week. Once again my plans for getting some catfishing on the river have been shot. It now looks like if the temperature I will be fishing some small local fishing lakes. I just hope they...
  9. At least 1 catfish this trip

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    September 18th. I picked up my brother from the nursing home around 08:00 to head for the Ohio River. We got our lines in the river around 08:50. The river was clear with a slow current, and a slight ripple on the water. At 08:55 I got a slight tap on one of my rods that was baited with a...
  10. Second boat trip was a bummer from the start

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    June 21st. My granddaughter and I left the house at 07:45for a catfishing trip in my boat. I had to stop for some gas for the boat motor to be sure we had enough for cover a lot of the river. I drove to the Schmidt’s field ramp; it was closed for a construction project. So I decided we would...
  11. Hope to wet a line next week.

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I checked out the Ohio River by Cincinnati this morning. It is still very muddy with a swift current. Looks like the level will be down to below 28 ft by the 6th. of June. I am intending to get out in my boat for some catfishing hopefully on Tuesday. I have some frozen skipjack and creek...
  12. Getting ready for catfishing

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Since the Ohio River is messed up due to high water I did a few things to be ready for when I can wet a line. I purchased my Ky. Fishing license at Latonia Bait Shop. I go there for they have the best live bait for fishing with my grandson for bluegills. They have a wide selection of fishing...
  13. Creek chub questions

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Does anyone catch creek chubs around Cincinnati during the winter? Do they start showing up in? If so then I can try to load up my bait freezer. Thanks in advance for the information. Tight lines to all. Norb http://cincinnaticatfishing.com
  14. Wind messed thing up

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Oct.8th my brother and I went catfishing west of Cincinnati. There was a strong wind that had the river churned up with white caps. We had 4 rods out and a mixture of baits to entice the fish. My brother had the only bite which resulted with a very small Blue cat being hooked. We packed it...
  15. Creek chub trip yesterday.

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    9-23: I did go to check out the local creek for creek chubs. I t was hotter than I expected especially fighting all the weeds to get to the bank of the creek. Once I got my line in the water I did spot the chubs since the water was so clear. I started having problem right off the bat with my...