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  1. NKY. lake trip.

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    Sept 30th. Since the Ohio River is so high my grandson and I went to a local lake to fish for catfish. We got out lines in the water 11:45, and we both caught a bluegill by 12:00. We then took the bluegill on our catfish rod for catfish bait. Around 12:15 I had some type of fish biting on the...
  2. 2 trips in the boat.

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Aug. 22nd. I went in my boat tried to net some shad at 4 different spots as I worked my way down river. I was checking for catfish with my fish finder, when I did spot a group of them I then tried to drift fish. It seemed like I was not moving at all so I started using my trolling for the...