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  1. Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    The weather is starting to reach optimal temperature here in Southeast Ohio. With that being said I wanted to give a small creek a shot near my house and see if the fish were starting to wake up. All fish were marked in the 6-7 foot range in the deep holes. I had live minnows on slip bobber but...
  2. Tackle Talk
    After Christmas I am going to be looking for probably 2 maybe 3 new rods. What are you recommendations/reviews on what I have listed below? Also open to suggestions for any rods I didnt list. Looking for a 6’8”-7’2”, medium power, fast action casting rod. Used primarily for bass fishing. Have...
  3. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    July 28th. I headed to a new lake I learned about the other week. I took my wireless fish finder to map out how deep it was and to try to locate where the fish were holding. I stop at a nearby convenient store to get bait. They were sold out of all their bait. I therefore had to depend on...
  4. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Anyone have any tips on where I can get on some crappie or saugeyes from the shore? Or any species for that matter... I don’t have a boat so I’ve been fishing dinky ponds around Union and Delaware county as well as wading the Scioto, but I would like to change up species a bit. It just seems...
  5. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Has anyone found the crappie in mogadore or west branch yet this year? I haven’t had any luck yet and I have been out several times
  6. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    It has been a few years since I have been to Indian Lake to fish and I'd like to try my luck at catching a few Crappie. Was thinking of fishing near Long Island and was wondering if it would be feasible/practical to drop in a kayak in at the large pull-off at Long Island? Thanks - gonelong
  7. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    I need help since I am new at crappie fishing. I am trying to locate lakes or ponds in the Northern Ky. area that has a reasonable number of decent to large size crappie. I am not sure the state stocks them at the FINS lakes around here. Any information is most welcomed for I want to help a...
  8. The Lounge
    I love fishing but I want to get better at it and catch more fish consistently. Any tips for from shore for really any species would be appreciated
  9. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I told my wife I was planning on fishing mosquito this weekend and next then she called me “crazy” and said “I have a serious addiction” - jokingly of course. Anybody else out there float until the ice wins??
  10. Fishing Reports - Out of State
    10-18: My friend and I got to the pond he has access to around 08:55. I caught my first fish a white crappie at 09:05; it was a surprise for me. 09:20 landed my first L.M. bass of the day. It measured out 13 inches and 1 pound. The bass hit a wax worm; I was getting bites from then on about...
  11. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Anyone try fishing the marinas on the lake for crappie this week? Might head up to vermillion and see if they’re around yet. Tried a few weeks back water was still too cold for spawn.
  12. Panfish Discussions
    I fished with my family at West Branch years ago and would like to do so again. Can someone tell me what are the best times of day to catch crappie? Is it like other fish, morning and near sunset? I hate to drive out there for an unproductive day, thanks!
  13. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Starting a new thread that will supply updates for Mogadore Reservoir fishing. I haven't been out since ice. Spent last week in Virginia hunting up some crappie. Anyone catching fish on Mogadore yet?
  14. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Anyone getting any crappie at alum yet, 2 hour drive, but I love the lake. Doing boat shake down and checking garmin navionics updates
  15. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    has anyone been out fishing recently?was in the moon for a night trip somewhere but I would like a report or two so I can decide what lake to go to. Any info would be appreciated
  16. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Has anyone been out on mogadore lately? I am thinking that the crappie should be on pretty good by now but I don't know the water temp and it is pretty much all I want to know if it is cool enough I will take my boat for a trip possibly this evening or tomorrow evening
  17. Panfish Discussions
    Hello everyone! I wanted to start another topic related to panfish, particularly crappie as they start to move from the shallow spawn areas into deeper water. What's your favorite/go to/most commonly used trolling technique (if you troll that is)? My go to: Speed: .7mph Depth: 10 - 15'...
  18. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Headed out to LaDue today and fished the causeway. Started at ~ 10:00am. Only landed 1 largemouth bass around 1:00pm on a "gizzard shad" colored square bill. Seen loads of crappie which is mainly what my friend was fishing for but they weren't biting.
  19. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Crappie were holding close to structures no crappie on minnows but black and green jigs were the key for me today. All fish were caught in less 5 feet of water.
  20. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    fished mogadore for about 5 hrs yesterday, tried it all with no success I can't wait for warmer weather
1-20 of 173 Results