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  1. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    I was out on Hoover Reservoir at 6:00 this morning and we were looking for some crappie. We tried jigs with different color tunes and curly tails but not 1 single fish in the boat. We mostly focused just South of the Sunbury Road bridge. We marked a lot of fish so that's promising. It was our...
  2. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Trying to dodge the rain drops today and get in a few casts. Did good getting in the casts, but got soaking wet doing it. Fished little less than two hours from 4:30 to around 6:30 pm. Managed 20 to 25 white bass, 3 largemouth, and one nice crappie. If it wasn't so nasty I would have...
1-2 of 2 Results