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  1. 25 Turkey Grand Slams & 1 Royal Slam

    Turkey Hunting
    Tim Herald of Worldwide Trophy Adventures has harvested these turkey feats and the African Dangerous 7. In this interview from last week he talks about the company he co-owns, his work on TV shows, and also about the all-hunting Expo that will be in Columbus in March. This weekend he's at the...
  2. Chickasaw Archery

    They will be running the Youth archery and the Bowfishing tryout range at the Deer & Turkey Expo in Louisville this weekend. This expo comes to Columbus every year in March, the KY event is the first of six locations in the U.S. We interviewed their President Charles Willoughby about the club...
  3. Hopefully your wifey wouldn't react like this

    Bucks and Does
  4. Eric Clapton caught a Whale

    The Lounge
    Taking a break to do some relaxing fishing the guitar God landed BIG fish of the season. Take a look at this beauty > http://wone.iheart.com/onair/outdoor-connection-418/check-out-the-huge-fish-eric-14991460/ BTW - This Sunday night from 7-8pm we'll have the winner of the Forrest Wood Cup on...
  5. What are the chances? Your bullet goes in TWO gun barrel's

    Guns and Ammo
    What are the chances? A bullet that you shoot goes into the barrel of another ‪#‎gun‬ NO WAY - YES WAY...it happened and we've got the photographic proof. And we're not talking staged shots with a scope, but even more improbable is live fire between a deputy and a suspect. The latter of whom is...
  6. Indian Lake Boat Show

    Outdoor Events & Seminars
    Not sure if this is related to the Saturday event at the Senior Citizen Center but the Boast show continues tomorrow http://wone.iheart.com/onair/outdoor-connection-418/indian-lake-boat-show-14453492/
  7. Columbus Fishing Expo PODCAST

    The Lounge
    Listen to the interview with David Hoheisel about his second year event (which OGF has a booth at!) going on this holiday weekend http://wone.iheart.com/onair/outdoor-connection-418/columbus-fishing-expo-podcast-14372741/
  8. Deer down? Hardly! 13K more than last season PODcast

    Bucks and Does
    This interview followed the muzzleloader season and Mike TONKovich was seeing an upward trend (that we now see in the total season numbers released today...below) Listen at your leisure 24/7. approx. runtime of 30 minutes. Click here to link to it >...
  9. New OH chief - Division of Wildlife podcast

    The Lounge
    Ray Petering was on our show just before Christmas for an extended interview and provided many insights. Personally I'd say we're in good hands with him at the helm. Listen to his podcast at your leisure 24/7 >...