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  1. Alum Creek Lake Musky Tips?

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey everyone, I hope I’m in the right sub forum, but I’ve moved up to Columbus for college and have been itching to catch a musky for several years now. I have all the gear, and went on a trip to Alum last August, but didn’t find any luck. I’ve read on some websites that anywhere south of the...
  2. Spots for kids?

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    I’m new to fishing in the upper Arlington area and have been trying to find a good spot to take my six year old brother fishing. We’ve tried Antrim and Griggs so far and got skunked at Griggs with the dirty water and two tiny sunfish in Antrim in a 90 minute span. I’m just wondering if anyone...
  3. Reel Maintenance

    Tackle Talk
    Hello all, For anybody in the Columbus area, do y'all have any recommendations on where to take reels for routine upkeep/maintenance work? No repairs needed, just looking for a place that can break down my reels for a "tune up". If anybody has had any especially good experiences at a particular...
  4. New to Ohio

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    As the title reads, I'm new to Ohio and looking for some tips on freshwater fishing. Im experienced on saltwater fishing, deep sea fishing; and was wondering what types of lures/baits to use, spots to fish near Ohio State campus, and any other useful tips. I'm primarily interested in fishing...
  5. Night time fishing ? Dublin/Columbus

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Anyone know where are some good spots to go fishing at night? I'll be picking up more day hours at work so I'd love to go tackling in the evening anywhere from 7-11/12am Pm or drop suggestions.
  6. Hooking up muskie on Alum Creek or Alum Creek Lake

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    I'm a life time fisherman that has caught everything thing from from monster catfish to sailfish. I have never caught a muskie, have heard Alum Creek has a healthy muskie population. Just trying to get some tips or pointers on chasing one of these bad boys down, from a better angler than me...
  7. Need some help....

    Canoes & Kayaks
    I volunteer with HeroUSA. We are a non profit that helps kids and adults with social, economic, and physical obstacles. We are doing our big fund raiser this year at Jazz and Rib fest downtown. We have recently been awarded a contract with the City of Columbus to Operate what equals a livery...
  8. Buckeye Lake !!!!!!!

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Has anyone been catching anything at buckeye lake recently from the bank ? If so which part of the lake . Would love to catch some saugeye . Thanks !!!!
  9. Scioto River Fishing !!!!!

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Anybody ever fish the scioto river under the frank road bridge. I always ride past it on 104 but always wanted to know if its a "hot spot" . Any luck anybody???
  10. Buckeye Lake or Alum Creek Spillway ????

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Looking to go fishing today.... Which place would i have better luck for saugeyes throwing husky jerks & swim baits ??? someone please let me know. Thanks
  11. 25 Turkey Grand Slams & 1 Royal Slam

    Turkey Hunting
    Tim Herald of Worldwide Trophy Adventures has harvested these turkey feats and the African Dangerous 7. In this interview from last week he talks about the company he co-owns, his work on TV shows, and also about the all-hunting Expo that will be in Columbus in March. This weekend he's at the...
  12. Columbus fishing in December?

    Tips and Tricks
    Any advice? I'll be in Columbus through Sunday Dec 18. I'm at the convention center for the American Volleyball Coaches Association and the NCAA women's volleyball Final Four. But I'd love to sneak away for a few hours of fishing. I'm traveling with my Okuma light travel rod. Where is there to...