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cold water

  1. Lake Erie General Discussions
    A while back, I seem to recall a thread that mentioned Tuna will sell you an Okuma Coldwater LC reel with an upgraded washer/drag.....and will even spool braid or mono on it for you at a very good price. But I can't seem to find this on their website....or anywhere else for that matter. Can...
  2. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Will the walleyes in reservoirs still bite close to shore, if the water is open? Thinking about trying local res with slip bobber and minnows, if there isn’t ice, maybe next week if it warms up a bit. What do u guys think? Will they still be within casting distance or moved off in deep water?
  3. Bass Discussions
    What are the best bass lures for when the water gets extremely cold before ice forms or after it thaws?, I was thinking grubs, drop shot, jerkbait, jig slowly twitched, wondering what everyone else throws when It gets really cold? don’t go ice fishing anymore bc fell through 2 years ago, that...
  4. Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    What’s everyone’s favorite cold water bass lures? I’ve been using a drop shot lately with a 4in fluke, caught a couple largies.