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cj brown

  1. CJ Brown - June 6

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Some days make you think you should quit while you're ahead because it won't get much better. I was on my first (and only) spot of the day before 6:30 and had a 16" Walleye in the boat by 6:40, on my first half nightcrawler. Got the second one on the other half of that same worm. Ended up with 6...
  2. Looking for some Catfish at CJ Brown, any pointers?

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    My brother and I are just getting out there on the lake in a small bass boat and I was wondering where the bite is for catfish right now. I know they usually are around the islands in the north end when it's a little warmer, but we're not having any luck yet. So, anyone finding the cats in any...