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  1. No docks in around Cincinnati.

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    May 16th. I took a drive along the Ohio River to discover if any docks were in the river. Normally they are in but the river has been high up till now. Schmidt’s boat ramp the dock is NOT in as yet! I drove up to New Richmond Ohio, and their dock is NOT in either. I suspect the dock at...
  2. Cincinnati Area Fishing Report April-October 2019.

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello all, I know that giving out hot spots and honey holes is an unwritten rule. This is my first year of fishing on a regular basis (Started fishing multiple times a week in March) and my first fall fishing for anything other than Catfish. I've been all over the Cincinnati area and I've...
  3. Frusting trip this morning!

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    May 29th. I picked up my grandson around 07:20 today. This was going to be our first tip with boat on the Ohio River for this year. We stopped by our minnow traps and once again had load of Creek Chubs for fresh bait. Then it was off to get fresh gas for the motor before we headed to the River...
  4. Schmidt's ramp UPDATE

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    May 15th. I checked out Schmidt’s ramp again. The small dock is in again. The big dock will NOT be put in until the river gets around pool stage for a week. That is what the guy who takes care of the ramp told me. The Ohio River will be up around 35 feet this Friday and Saturday here at...
  5. Cincinnati RAMPS are unusable right now!!

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Today I tried to put in at SCHMIDT'S,THERE IS SOME TYPE OF PIPE construction going on has the ramp shut down!! So I drove over to the West side park ramp, The dock is UNDER WATER so with river going up it will be awhile till that gets fixed. The Public Landing is unusable once the river...
  6. Bass League Tournament Series at Sharon Woods

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Has anyone on here participated in these events before? Either the Bass League or the Bass Series? I have never tournament fished before but would be interested in trying this out if anyone else wanted to. Downside is I do not have a boat so I would need to pair up with someone who does. It is...
  7. Beef Melt for catfish bait HELP.

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Back in the 50’s when I was a kid my dad took me catfishing from the bank. He only had beef melt that my uncle got for us. In those days it seemed the butcher shops were able to get it easily. Now days it is hard to find it in the greater Cincinnati area. Since I had to depend on my...
  8. GAVE it a try.

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Dec. 15th update: I picked up my brother at 08:40 and headed for the river and some catfishing. We got our lines in the water at the Serpentine Wall at Cincinnati around 09:10. It has so warm I was hoping to get some action, since I had e-mails of friends that had been catching fish. This...
  9. Looking For Fishing Buddies

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey All, Just thought I would reach out to the OGF community and see how everyone is doing! This was a great summer of fishing and fall as well (started working late summer so less time to fish). Just wanted to put myself out in the community and see what opportunities there may be with anybody...