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  1. hoover reservoir

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    looking to head down that way tomorrow for some blues.. I haven't ever fished or seen the lake. And advice on a area to go and a good bait shop with fresh bait. I really thank all to who replies..
  2. Good catfish spots and times?

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    I live near the Polaris area and have been catfishing at alum the past 4 times me and my buddy have gone. Everytime we start catching cats in the 830-9 pm sunset time gram around Cheshire road. What we are getting in quantity however is lacking quality in size. Any tips? Weve been using chicken...
  3. New Resident - Central Ohio

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hello, Just moved to Delaware from the Cleveland area and am looking for help getting on some fish. Co-worker told me he's seen guys ice fishing Alum Creek but he's never been. Can anyone tell me where a good spot to start is and what I might find there? I assume different area's will hold...
  4. Late Spring Topwater Bass Fishing - Huge Bass Eats Bird and a Topwater Bull Frog!

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey guys, Gus and I created a new tackleboys video! With the summer just around the corner, the top water action is heating up. Our uncle Tim "tacklemaster" took us to a series of ponds to catch large-mouth bass this past weekend. We had one of our best fishing days this season, with tons of...
  5. Alum creek advice

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    would anyone be willing to share any spots they've been having luck with at Alum Creek? I'm an OSU student and I'm tired of fishing the olentangy and scioto rivers surrounded by homeless people asking for money. I'm looking for any spots I can reach in the central Ohio area, whether it be a...