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  1. Trying to learn

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Let me set up my question, My brother and I have found a couple of gravel pits that we have been given permition to fish in. We was expexting to go in with nightcrawlers and chicken livers and catch a ton of catfish, while waiting for the lines to take off, small fish started jumping out of the...
  2. Getting ready for catfishing

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Since the Ohio River is messed up due to high water I did a few things to be ready for when I can wet a line. I purchased my Ky. Fishing license at Latonia Bait Shop. I go there for they have the best live bait for fishing with my grandson for bluegills. They have a wide selection of fishing...
  3. No bites & lost an anchor

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Last week the anchor was not grabbing right. SO this past Monday night I did find a 3 ft. section of chain and about 30 ft of rope, so last evening when it cooled of a little I added those on to my anchor set up I believed I had the problem solved. Tuesday morning my grandson and I got to...

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I was out in my boat twice this week. First trip was with my Grandson. I had wanted him to get some catfishing action besides helping grandpa with launching and getting the boat back on the trailer. The 2nd trip was by myself which resulted in the same outcome, lots of effort and NO...