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  1. bluecat1

    Here is my 8.3 pound blue cat that hit the skipjack fillet this morning. My digital scale broke so the reading was off a spring type scale. It was 28 inches long.
  2. The 7.5 pound bluecat

    This was the 2nd largest cat of the day . He also took the skipjack hard.
  3. GMR Cat 9-14

    Caught when hurricane Ike was blowing through Ohio 9-14
  4. 10 pounder 8-16

    Here is my BIGGEST catfish of the season so far. He was the 2nd cat I boated that night. It made the effort worth while.
  5. 5.5 pounder 8-16

    8-16-08 This was my 1 st. cat of the night. A 5.5 pounder. This channel was caught at our 2nd spot of the night.
  6. GMR Channel Cat

    Caught while smallmouth fishing GMR on a crankbait.
  7. Portage Channels

    Spring Channels and Bulls 2008
  8. 34in. 14# catfish

    a channel cat caught a fair pond
  9. 32in. 12# cat

    caught on worms
  10. little ogf fun for the contest

    just poking fun at mrfishohio :)
  11. My PB fish

    This is the biggest fish I've caught to date. 43lb blue cat
  12. Big blues on the James

    My friend caught this on our last trip, it was a 63lb bruiser!
1-15 of 15 Results