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  1. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    I've been teaching my Dad how to carp fish the past couple of years. We are looking for a pond or small lake that holds large carp in the Cincinnati/Dayton Area. Preferably one that isn't too much of a walk. Open to any and all suggestions! Thank you.
  2. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    will be heading out tomorrow night, right above the dam at the y-bridge. been there before and have done great with both carp and some nice channels. been on a big carp grind this year using pack baits. my main stay has been (big red, Wheaties, peanuts and flour) while sometimes trying ( oats...
  3. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Looking for a carp spot roughly within an hour of Miamiburg. The closer to there the better which puts it out of my area of knowledge as I don't get up that way any. Trying to teach someone to fish and want them to feel what a true fight is like. Would like to keep it simple and fish from shore.
  4. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey everybody, my 12 year old little brother always talks about wanting to catch carp, but I’m honestly clueless about carp- I know they like corn and that’s about it. Can we catch carp this time of year, and if so where do we look? Looking for info on probably quantity rather than size, any...
  5. New OGF Members
    Hello folks. I'm, searching for anyone who sells common carp in that area. Looking for 15lbs and up to stock local tournament ponds in VA, NC, & SC. I hear Lake Erie has produced some good quality fish but having trouble locating folks in the area that net and sale carp. Any info would be...
  6. Tips and Tricks
    I'm looking for any public lakes or ponds in eastern Ohio that have big carp or lots of them. I'm coming out of Calcutta area so anything within close driving distance would be nice. I've heard that mosquito Res. and friendship park are good to start at. Any tips would be appreciated as well...
  7. OGF Marketplace
    Looking for Zebco 888 pro staff reels. I am not interested in the newer ones or vintage. Thanks.
  8. The Lounge
    Thought I'd Share
  9. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    August 8th. I picked up my grandson at 08:00 and headed for the Ohio River. We got the boat launched at Schmidt’s Ramp at 08:45, and motored up river. Our 4 lines were in the water at 09:00, clear sky and slow current. We fished the first spot for around 30 minutes for we had marked fish at...
  10. Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    I've caught plenty of carp in the spillway of Deercreek using a doughball bait and shrimp. We've fished Buckcreek the last 6 years from a boat, trolling and anchored. Didn't catch a single carp and I know they were in there. We're mostly catters but like catching carp as well. My guess is...
  11. Dow Lake Carp

    6 pounds and 21" carp caught on a spinner rod.
  12. IMG_4624

    Another Carp pulled out 10 minutes after the first one. This one was 7 pounds and 23" in length!
  13. IMG_4621

    8 pound and 27" Carp pulled out of the Hocking river.
  14. Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    This past Sunday my son and grandson invited me to go bluegill fish at a small lake they had fished in the past. My grandson had hooked a big carp that broke his line and wanted to try to catch it again. It was a warm but windy afternoon that made watching a small bobber harder than usual...
  15. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share some knowledge with me about a good spot to catch carp, either big ones or a decent amount of good ones. Or if someone knows of a good chub minnow spot they don't mind giving up let me know. You can message me if you don't want to post on the...
  16. Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hey everyone, I've been fly fishing smaller ponds around summit and portage but i was wondering if anyone had any places to go for a fly fishermen to get some nice bass, crappie, pike, or carp. I want to try the Cuyahoga but idk where to go. Also want to try Mogadore but haven't seen much about...
  17. the BIGGUN (so far)

    "Grass Carp"?
  18. EFLMR Carp

    Carp off the surface, during cicada hatch.
  19. Erie carp

    I shot this carp while bowfishing at night on Lake erie. It weighed 35#
1-20 of 49 Results