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  1. Looking for big carp

    Tips and Tricks
    I'm looking for any public lakes or ponds in eastern Ohio that have big carp or lots of them. I'm coming out of Calcutta area so anything within close driving distance would be nice. I've heard that mosquito Res. and friendship park are good to start at. Any tips would be appreciated as well...
  2. DC Roughfish weekend bite

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    We had perfect weather Friday morning & caught a good mix of Roughfish on the smallish side. What they lacked in size was made up for by fierce action that came in waves untill about noon before dropping off. The star of the day was this little crome beauty - Highfin Carpsucker a diminutive...
  3. Scioto Roughfish weekend report

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Friday morning we had steady action from Carp & Smallmouth Buffalo in the 4 - 12 pound range with a few FO qualifying sized Carp. The current fluctuated all day made keeping our baits pinned to the bottom a constant chore in line management. Saturday I had the pleasure of hosting 2 new Lady...
  4. Grand Lake St Marys Roughfish double threat

    Carp Discussions
    While fishing the recent Grand Lake st. Marys Carp tournament we caught excellent numbers of Carp and quality Channel Catfish but the real bonus of the trip was the high volume of mirror scale pattern carp we caught in the mix. By far some of the highest densities I have ever encountered in a...
  5. Dow Lake Carp

    Dow Lake Carp

    6 pounds and 21" carp caught on a spinner rod.
  6. IMG_4624


    Another Carp pulled out 10 minutes after the first one. This one was 7 pounds and 23" in length!
  7. Grand Lake Carp tournament

    Carp Discussions
    Even though this is a catch & keep tournament I strongly encourage Anglers to participate because a huge amount of financial and public support is generated for Lake restoration by this event. The overly abundant Carp are collected and processed by a local business while giving tournament...