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  1. Chickasaw Archery

    They will be running the Youth archery and the Bowfishing tryout range at the Deer & Turkey Expo in Louisville this weekend. This expo comes to Columbus every year in March, the KY event is the first of six locations in the U.S. We interviewed their President Charles Willoughby about the club...
  2. New to the Area

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Hope everybody is doing great. I recently PCS'ed(Army move) to the area. I know people don't like to give out secret spots or anything, but I'm trying to find a couple good places to catch some nice catfish? I also just started bow fishing and I'm trying to find some good spots to try it out...
  3. Erie carp

    Erie carp

    I shot this carp while bowfishing at night on Lake erie. It weighed 35#