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  1. Got my fishing license.

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Today my brother and I went to our local bait shop and got our 2018 license before the price increase. Then we went to scout out a county lake to check out the shore line. Since he has trouble walking the bank can NOT be steep at all. The roads around the lake were closed but did look over...
  2. Cawtaba Construction

    Lake Erie General Discussions
    Rode my motorcycle to see what they were doing to Cawtaba ramps this afternoon. Took a few photos.. A nice ride.
  3. Delaware Ramps Open

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    Man what a gorgeous day!! Has anyone heard when the Delaware boat ramps might be opened back up? They are closed due to high water. Thanks in advance for any feedback! PS: I could not figure out how to either edit my thread's title nor delete this thread so I could correct the this thread's...
  4. Booking Charters Now, April is right around the corner!

    Lake Erie General Discussions
    Despite ice starting to form on the lake today, Mar-Lu Sport Fishing is taking reservations now for prime spring dates starting in April and throughout the spring and summer fishing season. Visit www.mar-lu.com for your charter & lodging needs, we're located on East Harbor in Marblehead. Our...