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  1. A new lake for me in NKY.

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    July 28th. I headed to a new lake I learned about the other week. I took my wireless fish finder to map out how deep it was and to try to locate where the fish were holding. I stop at a nearby convenient store to get bait. They were sold out of all their bait. I therefore had to depend on...
  2. Do dinks ever grow up?

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Caught 4 bluegill dinks today, had to leave hooks in all of them. Do they survive that? If there are dinks, there must be bigger dinks in the water. How does a person find those bigger dinks? Can a 1/3 acre pond support bigger dinks?
  3. Nov10th & 11th UPDATE

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    Nov.10th It was a warm day so my wife & I went fishing. We got to the lake around noon time. There was a strong wind blowing that made watching the bobbers hard to tell soft bites. Stayed there and hour so moved a spot to get out of the wind. No bite there either, so we drove over to...
  4. lot of action at the NKY pond

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    10-18: My friend and I got to the pond he has access to around 08:55. I caught my first fish a white crappie at 09:05; it was a surprise for me. 09:20 landed my first L.M. bass of the day. It measured out 13 inches and 1 pound. The bass hit a wax worm; I was getting bites from then on about...
  5. 1st. trip of the season

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    This week the weather warmed up so I was able to check out my boat motor. I charged up the batteries one day, then my grandson came down to help fire up the motor. Put the gas tank back in the boat then attached the rabbit ears. The Staybilt did work for after a number of priming the gas the...
  6. My summary for 2018

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HEALTHY NEW YEAR! My fishing season started February 25th., and ended October 27th..I had hoped to get a lot of catfishing out of my boat on the Ohio River this season. The river was up & down with fast current all this year.<BR> My first trip in my boat did not happen...
  7. Tried another NKY. lake

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    10-5. I picked up my grandson to do some catfishing at a local small lake around 11:00 We stopped to get some night crawlers on the way to the lake..got our lines in the water at 11:50. At 12:00 we started getting some bluegills for bait for our catfish rods. 12:50 my grandson caught a 9 inch...
  8. NKY. lake trip.

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    Sept 30th. Since the Ohio River is so high my grandson and I went to a local lake to fish for catfish. We got out lines in the water 11:45, and we both caught a bluegill by 12:00. We then took the bluegill on our catfish rod for catfish bait. Around 12:15 I had some type of fish biting on the...
  9. NKY. pond action

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    August 29th. My friend Joe invited me to go fishing at a pond he has access to. We got our lines in the water around 08:30, started for L.M. Bass. I got my catfish rod to start. At 08:55 Joe caught his first bass of the day; it was 12 inches 1 lb.2 oz. At 08:57 he hooked another bass about the...
  10. Action at small NKY. lake.

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    June 18th. I picked up my grandson at 08:30 then headed to friend Joe’s home. We unloaded our gear into his car and headed to the small lake he has access too. 09:20 we arrived there and my grandson caught 5 bluegills by 09:35. The lake was clear and just a small patch of shade to use since...
  11. Bluegill fishing at NKY lakes

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    June 9th. I picked up my grandson at 10:00 for a bluegill fishing trip. We stopped off at our mom & pop bait store to get some red and wax worms. We got to the lake at 10:30 and my grandson had a bluegill on the first cast of the day. I felt this was going to a great day of action, but then the...
  12. Local lake but not much luck.

    Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    April 22nd. My grandson and I headed for our local lake for some catfishing since the Ohio River is still too high to fish. We got our lines in the water around 13:30, a few minutes later my grandson caught a nice Bluegill. I felt that we were in for some action for a change. A guy to our...
  13. Massie creek

    Central Ohio Fishing Reports
    HI. I am wondering if anyone has had any luck on massies creek around peterson park. i am trying to find new streams and rivers to fish around my area. Just wondering if its worth a shot or not! thanks.
  14. Tried but not much action.

    Fishing Reports - Out of State
    April 6th.My grandson and I tried to catch some catfish at a local county lake. Got our lines in the water around 11:40, there were already a number of other fishermen at the dam wall area. . The lake water was clouded up some and strong winds keep on gusting while we were there. We had chicken...
  15. Different waters same results

    Ohio River Fishing Reports
    October 6th my wife & I headed up to Galloplis Ohio for I wanted to do some catfishing. I had hoped to have better luck there since commercial fishermen are not on that section of the Ohio River. I was meeting a catfisherman from that area that had a seat in his boat. We arrived at the city...

    Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports
    Has anyone fished Walborn recently? Thinking about going within the next few days, some tips for this place would be nice, also average size of bass? Any good for Crappie?
  17. Fly rod/Dow lake- Bluegill

    Fly rod/Dow lake- Bluegill

    Took the fly rod out to get some casts in. Caught this fella on a dry fly.
  18. Bluegill or Crappie

    Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    Where are the eating size bluegill and crappie at this time of year... Located around wauseon, swanton, archbold, and delta res. Maumee river is also an option, besides the whole flooding going on right now. Any tips on tactics to catching them and baits or specific locations are welcomed as...
  19. Best bluegill trip this season!

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    I had a great day of bluegill action yesterday with my grandson. We got to the lake around 12:30, but the spot we wanted to fish was already taken by some folks. We move to a different spot started out using red worms for bait. The fish there did bite but they were very small. Move to...
  20. 1st fish of 2016

    Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports
    March 11 th. I got a call from my grandson wanting to go fishing. We were both eager to go and wet a line at our favorite pond. Stopped at our local Mom & pop bait shop got some red & was worms for bluegills. We got to the pond at 13:30 had lines in the water by 13:40. A short time later my...