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  1. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    August 9th. I picked up my grandson around 07:45 and headed for the West side of Cincinnati to launch the boat. We got the boat in the river around 08:20 and headed down river. I tried to net some shad, but had no luck. I had spotted a friend that was fishing in the area, he wave us up to his...
  2. Ohio River Fishing Reports
    I took my shake down trip yesterday on the Ohio River. My grandson & I spent about 4 hours catfishing since it was a nice temperature for being on the river. Boat worked fine, fishing was terrible, 1 bite and 2 taps was IT! We had 4 lines in the water, several different baits. My grandson did...
  3. me and the 17 pound blecat

    Me and the 17 pound bluecat I was by myself so had to depend on trying to take photos with a selftimer. The big cat finally settled own long enogh to get the photo
  4. 17 pound blue cat My biggest so far this year

    this is my biggest catfish of this season caught with fileet of skipjack 9-17-08
  5. James blue cats

    I'm on the right, holding the "dink" ;)
1-5 of 5 Results