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  1. bluecat1


    Here is my 8.3 pound blue cat that hit the skipjack fillet this morning. My digital scale broke so the reading was off a spring type scale. It was 28 inches long.
  2. The 7.5 pound bluecat

    The 7.5 pound bluecat

    This was the 2nd largest cat of the day . He also took the skipjack hard.
  3. Blue Heron Fishing

    Blue Heron Fishing

    My fishing buddy on 6-11-07.
  4. little ogf fun for the contest

    little ogf fun for the contest

    just poking fun at mrfishohio :)
  5. James blue cats

    James blue cats

    I'm on the right, holding the "dink" ;)
  6. My PB fish

    My PB fish

    This is the biggest fish I've caught to date. 43lb blue cat
  7. Big blues on the James

    Big blues on the James

    My friend caught this on our last trip, it was a 63lb bruiser!